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My thanks to Hersh, the lovely lady who initially planted the “banana seed” that instigated the thought process to produce and put life into this site. Thank you.

The Banana is an edible fruit of genus Musa. It belongs to the herbaceous flowering plant family. Most of the cultivated bananas are with scientific name Musa paradisiaca. It is native to Indomalaya and Australia. It is grown worldwide in at least 107 countries mainly as food material then to make fibre, banana beer, banana wine and as ornamental plants. It is the cheapest fruit i.e. easily available around whole year. Bananas used for cooking are usually referred to plantains.

World top ten banana producing countries are India, Uganda, China, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Ecuador, Cameroon, Colombia and Tanzania. India is the leading producers of banana which produces about 20% of the world production. In India Tamil Nadu is the largest producer of banana followed by Gujarat.

Types of Banana found in India


Even the Minions decided that bananas were where it was at.. Bananas have featured in many minion pictures.